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Don't give up if your engine has seized

Old Briggs & Stratton engines often seize. Engine Release will free a seized engine, saving you a costly repair bill.Poor storage conditions account for more engines being lost (seized) than any other factor.

Airborne humidity and rainwater are the main culprits.

Corrosion between cylinder walls, pistons and piston rings starts immediately once water or water vapor enters the engine. Corrosion (rust) forms immediately, causing your engine to seize.

The smallest amount of oxide (rust deposit) between a piston ring and a cylinder wall, even in just one cylinder, can easily lock up a 400HP engine, never mind what it can do to your classic Buick, John Deere tractor, or inboard motor. 

Engine Release has been used successfully by thousands of people for all kinds of projects, Ranging from one cylinder make or break engines right up to CAT 3412's

How does Engine Release work?

Engine Release fills the gap between the piston and cylinder wall and migrates behind and around each piston ring, dissolving corrosion then makes its way from the top piston ring and groove to the lowest, through each ring gap.

Any excess Engine Release fluid wets the piston skirt and cylinder bore, making engine starting easy.

Engine Release is the simplest of engine repair kits. It requires no special tools and is easy to apply to your seized engine.We've learned on hundreds of different engines over the years how to get them running the simple way. Our seized engine repair kits come with easy to follow, step-by-step online instructions. Click here to find instructions index. We also offer tips and techniques to guide you through the process of getting your engine running again, without doing any internal damage. We believe that patience, our techniques and Engine Release is a far better way to get your engine running than a braker bar and a six foot pipe!

Our goal is to be known as the product that
saves our customers more money and trouble
than any other product they can buy.

If you can remove a spark plug or injector, Using Engine Release is a simple way to get your seized engine running without special tools or major engine work.