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Seized engine success stories:
Engine Release customer testimonials

Seized engine success stories! All of these testimonials are from REAL Engine Release customers. We have left them in their original form to retain their authenticity.


I was sceptical at first, but, also desperate to save a expensive and rare 50 year old jeep engine that had not been run or turned over in over 12 years. It as seized solid and no oils would allow it to budge. I was a four cylinder engine and only 4 ounces and a few days until the engine could be turned by wrench. It is now fully free and you have saved me from a miserable time doing a unneeded repair. I have used a borescope and the cylinders are not degraded nor damaged by the product. They are even cleaner than I started.!!!

To potential buyers - 

The price of this release agent is well worth the time and is a no-brainer when compared to a teardown and parts replacement.

Dave Bush

Does it work? YES it does!!!

I winterized my boat two and a half years ago as I usually do not thinking I might start shift work for the next two years and not have time to use it in the following summers.

Well I wanted to boat this year and what do you know, my port engine doesn’t turn, it’s a GM 454. I take the plugs out and notice rust on them. That’s strange I thought!? I tell one of my friends about my problem, he finds this website advertizing a product that will release it. I must admit to being a little skeptical at first but gave the company a call (when you are facing a $4 000 to $5 000 job you stop questioning yourself a little).

Serge was very helpful and made me feel he really wanted (as much as I did) to see my engine run without having to go to the expense or trouble of removing the engine or any of its components.

I followed the directions and poured the Engine Release in on a four day schedule then let it sit for ten days. I was told to use an impact wrench to help free it. It moved slightly but in one direction. When I put my impact in reverse only the bolt on the crankshaft would get loose. I elected to making a tool that would fit holes in the harmonic balancer and not it’s pulley threaded holes with a ¾” bolt in the middle so I could use the vibrations from the impact wrench in reverse.

It worked a little I then decided to make a pry bar and work it by hand. Ten minutes later it was going a half a turn after another ten minutes it was free. WOW!!! The weight came right off my shoulders…

In the end I still had to take the intake and one of the heads off because my initial problem was a rotted intake manifold that leaked in #4 cylinder

but the fact remains that the product worked as advertised. Be patient and it will work wonders for you as well. I am a believer!

Denis Lajoie

Thanks for your input and I did what you said and it is working. 

John Cates

Congratulations on the Engine Release!  Another success story to add to your no doubt long collection of success stories.

This was in a 1965 Alfa Romeo Spider.  It had been run only 6 or 8 months earlier but recently when attempting to start it, engaging the starter motor was like it hit a brick wall, click and nothing, no motion.  When pulling the spark plugs they all appeared surprisingly blackened but the number one plug was actually sooty, unlike any of the other plugs.  I put several ounces of penetrating oil in all cylinders over night and the next day only the number one cylinder was still full. 

A Google search on seized engines surfaced your company and my impatient three week wait on the mail service began.  When the eight ounces of magic arrived, I jacked up one side of the car to level the cylinders (the engine is installed at a slight angle) and put one ounce per day into the first cylinder.  Unlike the penetrating oil, it ran through!  After the third day of soaking I tried my light-weight electrical impact wrench without luck, then a nice big, quarter-inch socket wrench which caused it to budge very slightly.  So with this first slight movement I added another ounce and gave the starter motor a try.  

Over she turned!  I let it turn for a long time, thirty or more seconds, until it sounded nice and smooth.  Back in with new plugs and the radiator which had been removed to access the front of the crank-shaft, a bit of gas and we had a running engine. 

I really appreciate your finding the formula and making the Engine Release Fluid available.  Your most unusual money-back guarantee is safe with me, as well as an effective way of saying how strongly you feel about it.  

I am eyeing an old 1940 Chevy Pickup that has been sitting in the woods for maybe twenty years.  The radiator, carburetor, coil, distributer, etc. have been stripped, but wouldn’t it be something if that old engine would run without a rebuild!  Your Engine Release Fluid has convinced me that it might be possible. 

Thanks again

Robert Wright

Hi Serge , I did as yousaid on the phone and and it worked great . Your product did as you and Tom Wall said it would . I will get a picture  and send it to you .


My name is Roger Palmer I publish a weekly newsletter "Mr. Fuji's Workshop" Our readership is made up of owners of vintage Japanese Motorcycles. I used Engine Release to unseize a Kawaski KZ-750 which had been sitting under a tree for a long period of time. The Engine Release instructions required that I inject 1 oz of Engine Release into each cylinder everyday until all was used ... that was 4 days. Then I was to leave it set for a week. A week went by so with success in the air and Murphy of Town it was time for the moment of truth, well the impact wrench got it to turn over about 20 degree but the snap on socket gave up the ghost so I got another socket but that was all she wrote.. so I grabed a breaker bar and gave it a couple of quick Yanks and whoopee it turned over. Went to the kick starter and turned it over freeing up more each time!

To complete the saga I tried to start it with kick starter and it actually fired a couple a times on the right cylinder but nothing on the left. I didn't do a compression test but I have the feeling the intake valve on that cylinder is stuck in the open position, your product worked quite well, "if I ever need to free up an engine that seized during storage Engine Release would be at the top of my list".


Roger Palmer AKA "Mr.Fuji" yamasakigrp@yahoo.com

I received the order of engine release earlier this month, the project I'm working on is a 1958 5.5 hp Johnson outboard motor I purchased it primarily for the gas tank which I needed for another motor I have. The engine was seized up tight and after doing some internet searches I came across your site. Anyhow I followed the directions on your site, I put  probably an ounce and a half equally into each cylinder twice a day for 3 or 4 days, till I was almost out of engine release. I went on a short trip and came back five days later and using a breaker bar exerting very little effort the engine turned over. I put the rest of the engine release into the cylinders (appox 1 1/2 ounces) now the engine is totally freed up.. It goes without saying that this has been one the best investments in a product I have ever made..   

Debbie at Oliver Heritage & Vintage Truck
I have talked with my dad.  He has been on the road and didn't get to it as quickly as he hoped.  The product worked but took a little more application than recommended.  Bottom line, it worked.  Dad said he WOULD recommend the product. 

Mike McIntire
I received your product and put it to use on a seized Nissan (Tohatsu) 2.5hp outboard.  It hadn't been started in a couple of years and was seized up when I finally tried to use it.
I disassembled the engine cover and carefully stored the parts, taking advantage of this opportunity to clean everything well.  I positioned the engine on my workbench with the cylinder head up, removed the spark plug and applied your product.  Since the cylinder was so small it did not require all that much.  I let it soak for about a week, adding a bit more as needed to keep moisture visible on top of the cylinder.  I replaced the spark plug while soaking.
After a week, I was able to rotate the prop by hand, but not all the way.  I rocked it back and forth a little and applied more.  A few days later, I was able to completely turn the engine by hand.
I reassembled everything, added fresh gas/oil mixture, and it started right up!
Best $20 I've ever spent on anything marine-related.
Mike McIntire

Keith Berglind's article on Engine Release appeared in Small Farm Magazine


Ken Wiseman

I tried your product on a the seized engine in my 1929 Model A Ford. Nothing else, including standing on the hand crank, prayer, more sincere prayer, screaming or cursing would make it budge. Your product worked like a charm and I even have a little left over, which I intend to sell to any of my forlorn friends who develops the same problem in order to recoup my original investment. This sure beat the advice of an old Iowa farmer who told me to remove the head and beat on the pistons with a sledge hammer and a 2x4 until they were freed up. Thanks for making such a great product.


Ken Wiseman

Joe Jacques

I writing in regards to my purchase of (2) containers of Engine Release. I put your product in my seized engine about a month ago. I did not have a decent battery at the time to do justice to your product. I purchased a 3000 amp truck battery pack. (The engine already had a Power Master starter on it.) Even though the engine sat with Engine Release for a month or so, it freed up after a couple clicks at the starter. The engine had been seized for at least (8) years. I am elated with the outcome! I read about your product in Vintage Truck. I will be buying more Engine Release in the future. I have a

1946 Case VAC tractor which has been seized for quite a while. Thank you so much for an excellent product! Sincerely, Joe Jacques

Bill Drake

Engine Release works! I had all but given up on the seized engine on my pressure washer, but a few ounces of Engine Release, 5 days and an oil change and the unit is back in service. thanks!

Ernest Belleau

"I had four outboard engines in storage and I went and treated all 4 with Engine Release and freed up all 4 within 30 minutes but the real surprise was an Evinrude 100 HP, 1972 which freed up easily (That's 36 years old) I would say that that's pretty impressive in my book."

P.S: I also like how quick you got it out to me.--- Thanks Enrnie

Larry Pierson


J. Lane

I'm more than happy to say that, your product work excellent! I used on a 45hp gale outboard, that had been sitting for about 3 yrs. After the 3 days of pouring and waiting, the motor with a little persuasion from a 1/2" ratchet, let go. Thanks for the opportunity.

Harrold Showalter

I have a 1930 John Deere model GP that sat for a year and moisture must have gotten into in and locked it up. After putting a container of Engine Release into each cylinder and letting set for several days, I was able to get the the pistons to move. Now everything is working fine. I have recently completely restored the tractor and am happy with the results of the Engine Release. Thanks again.

The Marine Doctor

I have tried the product out and am satisfied with its performance.

Donald Morton

Hi. Believe it worked fine. After 3 days treatment product was still visible in spark plug hole and could not move it with starter cord. However, removed front housing and put my torque wrench on flywheel nut and it took only a slight nudge with that and it was free.

Engine runs like a new one now. It was a Tecumseh 5.5 hp on a walk behind snow thrower. About 22 years old. Got it running good and gave it to a friend. He loves it. Machine had been given to me by another friend who had run it out of oil. He purchased another thrower and wanted to get rid of the subject machine. Many thanks. Good stuff.

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