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Suzuki outboards are moderately priced and reliable outboard motors

Suzuki outboards are moderately priced and reliable motors.Suzuki outboards, Nissan outboards and Yamaha outboards all have a lot in common.

In 1965 Suzuki introduced and marketed their first outboard motor, known as the D55, a 5HP, lightweight, moderately-priced outboard motor.

In 1977, Suzuki Marine is launched in the USA.

Always known as a industry leader by innovation and development, Suzukis have been the first outboard motors available to the consumer with the following breakthrough technologies:

  1. Oil injection
  2. Magnetic ignition
  3. Two spark plugs per cylinder
  4. Dual water intakes
  5. Digital fuel injections
  6. Ceramic Piston
  7. Four valves per cylinder
  8. Dual over head cams

The Suzuki outboard is still considered a reliable, moderately-priced, mid-range motor.